Find listed below different events in which CIDOC CRM the Game has featured. These events range from presentations at conferences or meetings of interested groups, to uses in workshop and classroom environments. Clicking on an event, you can learn more details of what occurred, how the game was used/received and information about potential invididuals or groups to contact to learn more about the game.
Title Organizer Event Date Event Type Discipline Relevance Audience Type
Journée du Consortium MASA "Utilisation du CIDOC-CRM pour modéliser les jeux de données archéologiques/Use of CIDOC-CRM to model archaeological data sets" 24 septembre 2018 Romain Boissat, Olivier Marlet Workshop Archaeology Beginners
Team session of the Laboratory Archaeology and Territories, 14 juin 2018 CITERES-LAT, Xavier Rodier Internal Workshop Archaeology Beginners
Learning through Doing: an online game for appropriating ontological modelling methodology Anaïs Guillem, George Bruseker Presentation Digital Cultural Heritage Professionals
Journées du Consortium MASA "Interopérabilités des données/Data interoperability", 20-22 novembre 2017 Consortium MASA, Olivier Marlet Workshop Archaeology Beginners
College Year in Athens, Digital Archaeology Lecture College Year in Athens, George Bruseker, Huseyin Ozturk University Lecture Archaeology Students
Poster Presentation of CRM Game at CIPA 2017 George Bruseker, Anaïs Guillem Presentation Cultural Heritage Professionals
ICS-FORTH Game Dissemination Workshop George Bruseker, ICS-FORTH Workshop Computer Science Professionals
Introduction to CIDOC CRM with CIDOC CRM Game Rimvydas Laužikas University Lecture Museology, Archaeology Students
Book and Paper Conservation CRM Game Event Thanasis Velios University Lecture Conservation Students
CIDOC CRM SIG Presentation George Bruseker, Anaïs Guillem Presentation Computer Science, Archaeology, Digital Cultural Heritage Professionals