Interested in teaching or learning CIDOC CRM and don't know where to start? CIDOC CRM the Game is an open source initiative that aims to promote wider adoption of the CIDOC CRM standard through facilitating the learning process for beginning users/learners. The Game provides a fun way to visualize and play with the ontology in relation to real world documentation scenarios. It has been developed in multiple editions already looking at different documentation areas and is continuously being enriched as more teachers and learners adopt it to meet their documentation interests and needs. Navigate through the different editions to see a version of the game that is applicable to use and download it or get in touch in order to learn how to create a version of your own.


Research Publication

The development of the CIDOC CRM Game is part of on-going research into paedagogical techniques for teaching ontological modelling and application techniques to different levels of learners and types of specialists. 

An initial publication of the game was created at CIPA 2017:

  • Guillem, A., and G. Bruseker. 2017. “THE CIDOC CRM GAME: A Serious Game Approach to Ontology Learning.” ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences XLII-2/W5: 317–23.

A digital version of the game exists in alpha version and was presented at CAA 2018:

  • Guillem, A., Bruseker G., and Lercari, N. 2018. "Learning through doing: an online game for appropriating ontological modelling methodology." Presentation. CAA. Abstract


Further publications are forthcoming.