CIDOC CRM Game - Digital

This version of the CIDOC CRM Game is the first fully functional and free to play digital version of the CIDOC CRM game learning system! 

The CIDOC CRM Game - Digital, is a game framework for learning about

  • formal ontologies in general 
  • CIDOC CRM in particular and
  • how to model data using a case study.

This edition of the game uses the example of the Marmoutier excavation in Tours, France in order to explore the world of ontologies and semantic data modelling.

CIDOC CRM Game: Book and Paper Conservation Edition

This version of CIDOC CRM Game was designed for use by conservation studies students. Concentrating on teaching how to model different aspects of book and paper conservation, it introduces a fast round of game play between teams, testing their relative uptake of semantic knowledge. In the game itself, players race against time as a zombie apocalypse looms down upon them. Applying knowledge gained of the ontology to appropriately map conservation terms and questions to CIDOC CRM classes and relations enables teams to beat the zombies and win the game!

CIDOC CRM the Game: Asinou Edition

Designed to introduce the basic concepts of ontology in general and the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model in particular, this hands on card game helps players to understand what an ontology is and how to use it by introducing key ontology concepts to the players and then testing their uptake of this knowledge using a well known scenario.

In this version of the game, CIDOC CRM game cards are offered introducing the CRM ontology Classes and Relations are accompanied by an instance deck of cards representing a cultural heritage documentation case study: the Asinou church in Cyprus.